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How (And Why) To Bend Your Horse Correctly

July 24, 2023 How To Dressage
How To Dressage Podcast
How (And Why) To Bend Your Horse Correctly
Show Notes

How many times have you had the remark, “Could have more bend,” on your dressage test sheet? 

A lack of supple bend is a common fault that judges will mark down because bending is crucial to your horse’s progression in the dressage scales of training. 

Without the ability to bend your horse correctly, you will not be able to ride accurate circles, turns, or corners, or position your horse for lateral movements. 

So, in this podcast episode, we’re going to look at why you need to bend your horse, what defines a correct bend, the impact of poll flexion on your horse’s ability to bend, how your horse creates the illusion of bending, and the aids you need to apply to bend your horse correctly. 

(Please note: This is an updated and expanded version of our previous 'How to Get Your Horse to Bend' episode.)


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