How To Dressage Podcast

How to Ride a Simple Change

April 03, 2023 How To Dressage
How To Dressage Podcast
How to Ride a Simple Change
Show Notes

The simple change is a movement that appears in some dressage tests.

Contrary to what its name would have you believe, there's nothing "simple" about it.

As the rider, you need to be very clear and coordinated with your aids, and your horse needs to respond to them almost instantaneously for this movement to be smooth and seamless.

So, in this podcast episode, we will look at what a simple change is, why you would want to ride one, and the steps on how to ride a simple change correctly, along with some bonus training tips.

(Please note: This is an updated and expanded version of our previous 'How to Ride a Simple Change' episode)


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