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How (And Why) To Get Your Horse Thinking Forwards

February 27, 2023 How To Dressage
How To Dressage Podcast
How (And Why) To Get Your Horse Thinking Forwards
Show Notes

You’ve probably heard many riding coaches shouting to their students, instructing them to ride their horses more forwards. Although that’s good advice, the term “forwards” can often be misinterpreted. 

Rather than constantly having to push your horse to keep him moving (working your own leg muscles more than your horse), you ideally want your horse to stay in gear and be self-going, or as it’s more commonly known, “forward-thinking.” 

So, in this podcast episode, we will clarify what a forward-thinking horse is and why this quality is necessary for dressage. We will also look at what makes a horse backward-thinking before helping you create forwardness in your own horse. 

(Please note: This is an updated and expanded version of our previous 'What is a Backward Thinking Horse?' episode)


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