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How to Train and Ride the Rein-Back

September 26, 2022 How To Dressage
How To Dressage Podcast
How to Train and Ride the Rein-Back
Show Notes

Rein-back is an exercise that is often problematic for riders, yet it’s a very useful one to teach your horse, especially if you encounter gates to open whilst hacking out!

Before attempting to teach your horse to rein-back, it’s important that you understand what you are aiming to achieve, especially if you intend to ride the exercise in a dressage test; it’s a tricky exercise that can be a real mark-loser when not ridden well.

So, in this podcast episode, we’re going to cover the benefits of rein-back, the qualities of a correct rein-back, how to teach the rein-back, and how to ride and aid the rein-back. 

(Please note: This is an updated and expanded version of our previous 'How to Rein-Back' episode)


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